Welcome to Safepack

We do greater customer satisfaction for restaurant business by providing lockable boxes in Scandinavian minimalist design.


Safepack boxes

have been designed as lockable ones for « safe delivery » to greater customer satisfaction as    its finest and tasty way. Once order gets ready by the chef and locked in the box, there is only one who can open it without any intermadiate touch – is the customer. We take this as a vital move for the packing industry after experincing Covid-19 pandemic. 100% food hygiene by safe delivery.



Ready to customize

your branded food boxes by our patented lockable designs. We are capable to produce any branded packages as lockable ones such as pizza, burger, sushi, pasta, slice etc.


Safepack lockable boxes

have been patented in over 150 countries globally and Safepack Scandinavia AB is the only exclusive representative in Scandinavia.


Open to appoint

exclusive distributors and wholesalers within Scandinavia. Please kindly contact us to schedule a meeting.


Adress: Armaturvägen 3D, 136 50 Haninge